I like to take pictures. Sometimes above water, and sometimes underwater. Head shots, store interiors, product photos for my clients. Family adventures, my kids, nature... anything I can find. My dad got me started as a child. He would take us out in nature and shoot endless photos of our adventures. He bought me my first "nice" camera, and showed me how to use every manual setting. "Never use Auto," he would say. Now the old Minolta is so obsolete that it belongs in a museum. At the risk of sounding even more ancient, I used to process my own black and white 35mm film in the dark room during college, on Friday nights while everyone was out partying. I was processing and creating. Now the world is digital, and I still have a camera in my hand almost all the time. Sometimes I take pictures for kicks, sometimes for my clients. Usually of my adventures with my kids, just as I grew up. But I always do it with curiosity and a twist of fun.