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BIZZY ORR REALTOR® TEAM Realty Executives Tucson Elite

"When you are a business owner, branding yourself is the key to standing out and getting noticed. Katrina made it easy to create my brand through a variety of marketing materials she designed just for me. She’s a creative soul with a smart business mind, which is the perfect combination to help you make an impact in your marketplace! I highly recommend Katrina for any of your marketing needs. She’s simply the BEST!" 

Director, Parks and Recreation Department, Wiscasset Maine

"Working with Katrina has been seamless in my new job! She is personable, engaging and a great listener. She works well with the staff and incorporates great ideas into our programs to help reinforce our department’s mission. I would highly recommend Katrina if you are looking for a creative and energetic marketing consultant and designer!"

Kurt Stillman

President, StatCap

"Working with Katrina has been instrumental in the process of bringing our new high-tech product to market. As we have gone through multiple stages of development, her input and expertise has been critical as we prepare to launch what will be a revolutionary safety device for the cycling world. Her connections in various industries have really helped us gain traction. With her technical background, and extensive marketing expertise, she brings both analytical and creative facets to the table. Katrina is top notch in her field."

Owner, Piece by Piece Wear, Tucson, AZ

"Thank you for helping me to be a more successful business owner.  You are one in a million and I’m so lucky to have you!!  Looked back and found a few comments I have sent you over the years:

"You sure know how to create a buzz!"

“You are amazing!!  The final marketing piece looks fantastic!!”

“I just saw your last promo - you make it look sooooooo easy!!😘😘😘”

“That promo was amazing! We had shoppers non-stop from open-til-close - we even had to skip lunch and stay open an hour LATE! Now I owe my staff lunch because we never had the chance to take a break."

“I adore your energy! I need your motivation!!!

"Thank you so so much for working hard to make my shop successful!!"

Colleen Whitaker

When considering a marketing consultant for my boutique, Pitter Patter, certain criteria had to be evident. Professionalism, talent, current, with all the latest techniques and targets, as well as a personality that adjusts and fits with me & my business mission. That is exactly what I have found with CosaBella and more. It was obvious from our first meeting that Katrina knew just what I needed for marketing, and how to achieve it. She listened and offered suggestions with a perfect balance to blend my vision with her know-how. 

Since partnering with CosaBella, my customer contact has gone through the roof.  Reaching customers and potential customers I would not have had access to before. Katrina puts a wow factor to all marketing plans that really get your campaign noticed.  

I couldn’t be more satisfied with all the work Katrina has done for my business from marketing to photography, and right through to design. I know we will continue to have a long successful business partnership for many years to come.

Enrollment Director, Coach Training Alliance - Yoga2Life, Fort Collins Colorado

"As the Enrollment Director for Coach Training Alliance’s Yoga2Life Program, I have had the pleasure working with Katrina for the past 4 years. Katrina and I have collaborated on many different marketing campaigns. I wouldn’t have met our enrollment goals without her! I truly enjoy working with Katrina, she is a dream. Not only is she positive and upbeat, she is also knowledgeable, efficient, dependable, and always full of ideas. Her expertise in creative design and marketing is invaluable."

Mona Corro

Owner, Sweet Water Day Spa, Brunswick Maine

"I was lucky enough to meet Katrina a few years ago and I am so grateful for all the beautiful work she has created for my business.  She is professional and full of great ideas and she works so fast!!! We have a meeting, talk about what to focus on for the next quarter, and before I can re-write my notes, she has already sent something to review.  

I would highly recommend Katrina to anyone who needs:

    - Marketing advice or recommendations

    - Someone to manage your FB page

    - An updated brochure or website

I and your clients will be thrilled with her amazing creations. 

John Matzek

Owner, TCR Solutions

Over the years, Katrina has been the creative spirit behind my business. Ranging from artwork and logos, t-shirt design, help with public media and website ideas, to supporting and believing in me and my team. Katrina is always positive and fun, and this shows in the products she creates. I know I can trust Katrina and she will always provide well thought out and affordable creative products and advice, from the heart. Thanks, Katrina!

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